FIB 2008

in Amsterdam


fib The Netherlands

Fib The Netherlands was established in 1999 as the Dutch member organisation of fib International. fib The Netherlands co-ordinates and promotes the work of fib International in The Netherlands. F.i. fib The Netherlands appoints Dutch experts to international commissions, working groups and informs about International fib events. fib The Netherlands is associated with De Betonvereniging.

De Betonvereniging (The Dutch Concrete Society)

De Betonvereniging promotes the proper use of concrete and the technology of concrete in the widest sense. Since the Society was founded in 1927, its members have exchanged their experience of concrete design & technology and transmitted their knowledge of concrete and the concrete environment to the construction industry at large. Dissemination of information is a major feature of the societys work.

The society has over 2400 members, consisting of individual members and corporate members including (building) authorities, consultants, contractors, producers of concrete, laboratories, educational institutions, suppliers of aggregates, reinforcement and admixtures. The members represent almost the entire construction industry in the Netherlands.

De Betonvereniging executes the secretariat of fib The Netherlands (represented by Mr. D. Stoelhorst, director). fib The Netherlands has asked De Betonvereniging to act as a professional congress organisation. The alliance of fib The Netherlands and De Betonverening is hereafter referred to as: the organisation.

Organising Committee

The organising committee will consist of local Dutch experts of fib, extended with international experts. Chairman will be Prof. dr. ir. J.C. Walraven, fib Honorary President.

Scientific Committee

The scientific committee will consist of international members of fib.

Chairman will be Prof. G. Mancini, Torino, fib president.

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